2nd Annual Introduction to the PhD Career Ladder Program Recap

Post date: Sep 26, 2016 12:29:51 AM

This past Monday, the Graduate Career Association presented its 2nd Annual Introduction to the PhD Career Ladder Program (PCLP), which was founded by Nadia Jaber, Ph.D., and Jennifer DeLeon. During this afternoon session, just over three dozen attendees learned about how peer mentors could help them explore careers outside of the university, beyond academia vs. industry.

The PCLP meets once a month for about two hours and each meeting is focused on a different task/assignment. Participants come together for round table discussions and share resources for career development.

Some key takeaways:

1. You are responsible for your own future. You need to do some legwork to explore different careers and be accountable for your goals. PCLP supplements your Ph.D. training.

2. Time is valuable. 3rd and 4th year graduate students are the target of this program but it is never too early to start planning ahead. And 5th year+ students have to hit the ground running!

3. PCLP is geared towards graduate students in all fields. This program has been modified to maximize help for students in all fields not limited to STEM. The two main goals of the program are:

· to help students identify career goals

· to help students prepare for those goals

4. PCLP is an invaluable resource available to you right on campus. This multi-step interactive program will be accompanied by workshops and seminars sponsored by the Career Center, IREP, and the GCA.

Save the date!

The 1st meeting will be on Wednesday, September 14th from 5-7pm in room 301 of the Wang Center.

Please email phdcareerladderprogram@stonybrook.edu if you have any questions!