List of Career Options for PhDs

As members of the Graduate Career Association, we strive to provide accurate information on non-academic career options for PhDs. Unfortunately, we can't know about them all! Fortunately, lots of other sites pick up our slack. Here is a list of links to other articles describing non-ac career options. We'll update the list as we find more great articles, so check back often, and if you have any that we've missed, please let us know!

International Aid and Policy

Data Scientist - go to the FAQs page to learn about the career, and if you're interested, apply for the fellowship!



A big list of options for Humanities and Social Science PhDs - including higher education administration, consulting, non-profits, financial services and more.

VersatilePhD has a Career Finder tool for both Humanities & Social Sciences, and STEM fields. They have articles on various career options in both sections.

What are all the PhDs? - similar to our PhD Profile series, this site highlights the career paths of PhDs around the country. Although most of the PhDs are from science fields, there are some humanities represented.

PhDs at Work has a really cool series called "A Week in the Life" where PhDs describe a typical week in their non-ac career. Entries are listed by degree field: Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences.

Examples of non-academic careers for Philosophy PhDs.