PhD Career Talks Review - Dr. Shanbhogue

Post date: March 3, 2021 11:10 AM

The latest speaker in our PhD Career Talks series was Dr. Prajna Shanbhogue, a protein engineering lead at Zoetis. Dr. Shanbhogue is a 2019 Stony Brook alumnus from the Biochemistry and Structural Biology program (and GCA alum!). After graduation she joined Zoetis as a postdoctoral fellow before transitioning to her current role as a protein therapeutics lead. In her current role Dr. Shanbhogue is involved directly with research and development of biotherapeutics, manages a team of scientists, and collaborates with corporate partners and Zoetis’ legal department.

As she prepared for graduation, she identified several career paths that fit her interests and found the common skillsets that would allow her to secure these careers. After identifying the valuable job market skills, she expanded her project management, collaboration, and leaderships skills with a variety of classes and programs.

Dr. Shanbhogue finished the talk with six main takeaways:

      1. It’s a numbers game. But be smart about it.

      2. Start early, be consistent!

      3. Rejections are good for you.

      4. $30/month for LinkedIn Premium is worth it.

      5. Re-think your intentions and expectations from “networking”.

      6. Assume good intentions.