2015 - 04/16-17: International Fame Lab at Stony Brook University!

The NASA sponsored international science communicating competition, FameLab, is coming here to Stony Brook! If you are an undergraduate, graduate student, post-doc (or received your Ph.D. less than 5 years ago), and can share engaging research topics with lay audiences, you are invited to compete. Stony Brook University will be hosting one of the U.S. regional heats on April 16th and 17th (2015) at the Wang Center. The winner of the regional (and potentially the runner-up) will receive an all-expenses paid trip to compete in the finals during the spring of 2016 at National Geographic Headquarters in Washington. Additionally, winners of the regional and final competitions are commonly featured in news articles and magazines, and have been offered exciting opportunities associated with NASA and National Geographic.

If you would like more information about the competition or registration, you can find it at this address: http://famelab-eeb.arc.nasa.gov/

Potential applicants can fill out the registration form to apply for the competition starting on Friday, February 27th. Students and Post-Docs actively doing research in any science related field are encouraged to apply. However, there are only a limited number of spots available so take advantage of it while you can.

See you at the regional!

For answers to specific questions regarding the Stony Brook regional competition, eligibility or suitable science topics, you can email: Lyl.Tomlinson@stonybrook.edu