2012 - 05/09: Best New Organization

Stony Brook University held its annual Student Life Awards for Excellence in Student Leadership and Campus Involvement. It is a celebration of all of the exceptional faculty, students, and organizations that make Stony Brook University great.

The Stony Brook Graduate Career Association was proud to be nominated and chosen for the Best New Student Organization Award. We are pleased and humbled to receive this award. Pictured at right is our President and founder, Vinal Patel, accepting the award on behalf of the GCA Executive Committee.

We feel that this organization fills a void within the graduate student community by providing direction and alternatives for career planning beyond doctoral studies. The well over 100 students who have signed up to join us shows the importance of such an organization.

We hope to continually improve and make ourselves worthy of the title bestowed upon us of best new student organization by offering the first of many great career planning events on June 1st. We look forward to sponsoring many more and collaborating closely with like minded organizations both at Brookhaven National Labs and Cold Spring Harbor Labs. Stay tuned.